Patrol Division


The Patrol Division is under the command of a Captain. Each of the three platoons (shifts) includes a supervisory team of a Lieutenant, and three Sergeants, the patrol officer's immediate supervisor.

The City is divided into six geographical areas known as sectors.

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About the Division

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the department and is responsible for patrol coverage and emergency response within the seven square miles of Lawrence. The patrol division is the largest division in the department and is primarily responsible for responding to calls for service, conducting preliminary investigations, investigating motor vehicle accidents, crime control and improvement of neighborhoods, and service delivery in response to crime advisories and community concerns. As first responders to all emergency calls, the patrol officers also assist local Emergency Medical Services and Lawrence Fire units.

The Patrol Division is the primary point of contact for services to the public that citizens interact with on a daily basis. They are the officers that patrol your neighborhoods in cruisers and respond to all types of calls for service. They are also the officers that you first meet when you enter the police station for any problem you may have or help you may need. They are also the officers that staff the communications room where they dispatch cruisers to respond to a call for service that you may have requested.